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Sounds like a lot, huh? Well, there’s a lot that goes into making your house the comfortable and reliable home your family deserves. That’s why here at Five Star Cooling we’re proud to offer a wide variety of service solutions from quick projects like dryer vent cleaning in Jacksonville, FL all the way to air conditioning repair Jacksonville, FL and HVAC Jacksonville, FL installations.

Whether your home could use a little maintenance work like boiler repairs in Jacksonville, FL, an upgrade or AC repair in Jacksonville, FL to lower your energy bills while increasing your home’s energy efficiency, or an immediate response to a sudden, severe issue like burst or backed-up plumbing in Jacksonville, FL, you deserve the expertise, convenience, and reliability of Five Star Cooling. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable local contractors are dedicated to providing homeowners with any unique need, budget, preference, or schedule with the high quality, highly professional plumbing, HVAC, and air conditioning Jacksonville, FL services they need to have a comfortable, reliable home to come home to and are available right now to provide those services to you.

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Our Most Popular Services

AC Repair - Jacksonville, FL

AC Repair in Jacksonville FL Keeping your family cool and comfortable is one of the most essential parts of keeping them happy which is why our team of dedicated Jacksonville AC repair professionals are available at any time to provide specialized Jacksonville air conditioning inspections, cleanings, replacements, installations and a wide variety of AC repairs in Jacksonville, FL to ensure that whatever your particular need, Five Star Cooling is ready to help. When you’re looking for air conditioning Jacksonville, FL services you need a professional, affordable, and efficient response which is why you need Five Star Cooling.

Heating Repair - Jacksonville, FL

Heating Repair in Jacksonville FL Heating Services in Jacksonville Quality Heating Repairs in FL From furnace repairs in Jacksonville, FL to boiler repairs in Jacksonville, FL, Jacksonville heating repair services have become one of the main pillars of the Five Star Cooling service solutions. If your home could use heating repairs in Jacksonville, FL to make life a little more comfortable or to make your energy bills a little more reasonable, our team of friendly and knowledgeable heating service Jacksonville, FL specialists are available now to get your home back to its very best.

HVAC - Jacksonville, FL

HVAC Repair in Jacksonville FL HVAC Services in Jacksonville Air Conditioner Repair in Jacksonville AC Repair in Jacksonville FL Ventilation Services in Jacksonville FL For a system which cares for all your home’s cooling, heating, and ventilation needs the best option on the market today is a properly installed, properly serviced Jacksonville HVAC system and here at Five Star Cooling caring for HVAC in Jacksonville, FL is something we do best! For installations, replacements, and repairs of HVAC in Jacksonville, FL contact our experienced specialists today to get the home you’ll love tomorrow.

Plumbing Service - Jacksonville, FL

Plumbing Services in Jacksonville FL Plumbing Repair in Jacksonville FLThere’s nothing worse than suddenly needing plumbing service in Jacksonville, FL, the damage can quickly grow to be catastrophic and the effect on your home’s functionality and efficiency can be devastating. Turn to the most high quality, dependable plumbers Jacksonville, FL has to offer right here at Five Star Cooling. All of our specialized plumbing services in Jacksonville, FL are available today for emergency, highly customized solutions no matter what your specific home needs to return to the highest levels of efficiency and functionality possible!

What Our Clients are Saying

Whatever services you need to secure the comfortable, reliable home your family deserves, you can rely on Five Star Cooling as your cooling company! Just take a look at what some of our satisfied clients are saying:

“Prompt, Caring, and Completely Professional”

“This past winter our furnace stopped working right as a snowstorm hit. The guys from Five Star Cooling were exactly what we needed! They came out that same night with all the tools they needed to get it up and running again. They were prompt, caring, and completely professional and as soon as they get to my house I knew I could count on them. They had our furnace running like new just a couple hours after they arrived and it’s been working great ever since. I’d highly recommend Five Star Cooling to anyone!” - Talia

“Saving a Ton”

“My family’s been trying to save money anywhere we can but I didn't think there was anyway our electricity bill would be one of the best places! When a friend told me how much Five Star Cooling lowered their energy bills I called them to set up an inspection. The HVAC tech that came out found a dozen places where my house was bleeding money and told me that he could do some repairs and some cleanings to help get it back! A month later, my energy bill’s lower than I ever thought possible! Thanks Five Star Cooling!” - Lucas

“Fantastic Contractors”

“When we bought our new house one of the major selling points was the central air but it turned out that the last family didn't take care of it at all so just a few months into living there it breaks down. The team from Five Star Cooling were fantastic contractors for our family’s needs. They were courteous and experienced and it really showed! When we called for AC repairs they came right out, looked everything over for free and did all the repairs we needed to get the whole house cool and comfortable again super quick!” - Jacob